Variations of Joy

Variations of Joy

17 January 2018 10:00 am

Vin Gallery

Variations of Joy
The artist behind the forthcoming exhibition, Variations of Joy, Shanghai-born artist Howard Qiu uses a mix of art and music to explore the intersection between music, emotions and nature. Through this he creates abstract art that is both aural and visual.

Variations of Joy explores the sensory commonalities between visual art and sound creation, presenting an ode to joy.

Here’s a short interview with the artist.

How did you get into art?

I’ve always loved art. It started when I was a little boy. Both my parents were architects and I got a lot of influence from them.

What gave you the idea of combining music with art?

Music is a form of audio art, painting is a form of visual art. These two formats constitute the majority of the art forms. I am inspired by visual and aural, so I have tried to combine both elements.

How difficult is it to get colour to represent music?

It’s not hard to get colours to represent music. I am just thinking about nature when I paint, then I think about rainbows.

How do you represent tone and rhythm in your work?

I imagine visual and aural. I compose them in a visual way and then paint.

How easy is it for musicians to follow the instructions in your work?

The visuals of my work are like a code of sound. You need to read it, understand it, imagine it, and practice it. Then you can see the music in your mind.

What can we expect from your forthcoming exhibition in Saigon?

You will be able to see a combination of music and nature. We will have local musician play the music though out the opening to express my love of both art and music.

Howard Qiu’s exhibition, Variatons of Joy, will open at Vin Gallery (6 Le Van Mien, Q2, HCMC) on Friday, Jan. 12. It will run until Feb. 10. For more info, click on

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