From rubies to quartz, topaz to sapphire, Vietnam is blessed with a wide range of semi-precious stones. Zoe Osborne traces the background of the country’s gemstone industry. Photos by Bao Zoan

The Environmentally Friendly award goes to..…Keep Hanoi Clean

The award for the Grubbiest Looking Brewer goes to..…Thomas Bilgram

The award for being fresh off the boat; the ‘I Don’t Care’ award; the compass award for taxi drivers; the best expat slang award; the prize for the best underwater project in Vietnam or perhaps the tastiest burrito in Hanoi.

Brash. Glitzy. Outspoken. Controversial. Divisive. Yes, it’s the annual Word Awards again, our contribution to the vast treasure trove of miniature statues and dusty trophies that adorn the world’s mantlepieces, outdoor sheds and smallest rooms.

There are many foreign footballers playing in the V-League. Some have an impact, some don’t. Thomas Barrett speaks to Vietnam’s very own version of Sergio Aguero, Argentinian striker Gonzalo Marronkle. Translation by Guim Valls Teruel

After all the dead fish in West Lake, what happened to the fishermen? As it turns out, they’re still there. So are the fish. Words by Edward Dalton. Photos by Julie Vola

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