While Ho Chi Minh City is finally getting a handle on this comedy thing, Hanoi is just coming into its own. Dara O Foghlu gets a chance to chat with one of the jokers leading the way. Photos by Julie Vola

After a photo of a maimed cat went semi-viral on Facebook, Dara O Foghlu was left wondering how a thing like this could happen. Catching up with the president of Tram Cuu Ho Meo, the organisation that saved her, he met Hong Ha, a cat who’s seen hell and clawed her way back. Photos by Julie Vola

What's in the water in Vietnam? And is it dangerous?

The rise in people getting asthma may not just be due to air pollution. As Nick Ross discovers, it may be something to do with the water. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Nick Ross

After months of chat, backchat and behind the scenes banter, Nick Ross is lucky enough to have the self-styled bamboo man, James Wolf, build a part-bamboo, part aluminium bike for him. Along with the bicycle comes the fit, an experience that is as impressive as the bicycle itself. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Realising the growing interest in cycling, Hanoi-based travel company, Exotic Voyages, has come up with a bike-themed event of their own — Bike ‘n Brunch.

Mr. Hai owns the bicycle repair shop at 70 Bui Huu Nghia (‘Bicycle Street’) in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Thanh District. In his spare time he makes custom bikes for cyclists who are looking for something unique, but don’t want to spend millions on name-brand frames.

More than a year on from our cover story on cycling, we return to this growing trend to see how it is developing in Vietnam. Words by Evan HudsonDuhwee Pham and Nick Ross

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