Tat Wa Lay. Photo by Nick Ross

Written in response to the refugee crisis in Europe, when Ho Chi Minh City resident Tat Wa Lay posted about his own experience on Facebook, it went viral. 118,000 shares later, he tells his story

Fan Coral. Photo by Wesley Clayton

Vietnam’s coastline, but from another angle.

A typical Hanoi bus. Photo by Julie Vola

Taylor Edgar took on that challenge that all of us dream of. For one week he went everywhere in the capital by bus, with not even a xe om or taxi in sight. Almost. Here’s how he fared. Photos by Julie Vola

Like every other country on this planet, Vietnam has its quirks — quirks that make this great nation unique. Here’s what Irish-born Kieran Crowe has noticed during his time living in Vietnam

After printing the wrong picture two issues ago, this was touted as the grudge match of the summer — at least by us anyway. Saigon Rugby Club vs. Word Magazine in an all-out paintball war. Jon Aspin was in the thick of the action for Word, and afterwards filed this report from a nearby safety bunker. Photos by Francis Xavier

David Mann takes a look at how Vietnam’s appetite for beef has helped bring Aussie farmers back from the brink. Photos by Nick Ross 

When we get wet in Vietnam, we get really wet. Jon Aspin and Natalia Martinez take a look at some of the things that really matter when the heavens open up, and asked the whole Word team for their top tips.

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