Photo by Julie Vola

Julie Vola heads to Thanh Xuan Cooperative to get the beef — or more aptly, the fruit and veg — on growing organic food in Hanoi

Photo by Julie Vola

Salsa is not new to Vietnam — it’s been here for almost a decade. But now this much-loved dance form is huge. Words by Emily Petsko and Siân Kavanagh. Photos by Julie Vola and Rodney Hughes

Photo by Jesse Meadows

Jesse Meadows has found a new place to hang out in Hanoi — the oasis that is the flower market on Au Co

Ascending Long Bien Bridge

Chris Humphrey meets with Vietclimb’s Jean Verly for a first taste of urbexing: scaling the rusting dragon that is Long Bien Bridge.

Landing on Water. Photo by Julie Vola

As the Hai Au Seaplane service attests, travel is not just about the destination, but the experience of getting there. Emily Petsko and Julie Vola fly by seaplane to Halong Bay

Photo by Nick Ross

Hanoi has a problem with arsenic. Now it’s entered the water system. Words and photos by Nick Ross

Sorea. Photo by Owen Salisbury

Ho Chi Minh City now has 21 bars and restaurants located on the city’s rooftops. Owen Salisbury and Jon Aspin decided to check them all out to create a definitive list of what’s available in Saigon, up on high. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Owen Salisbury

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