Understanding the visa and permit process for foreigners living in VIetnam

No clear information is readily available on what you are entitled to if you want to visit or work in Vietnam. So, to follow is a rundown of what foreign nationals can apply for.



The folks behind the New Hanoian have achieved something that few others have in Vietnam, a website generated by user-based content where users can express their thoughts and ideas on restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and other businesses in Hanoi.


Colonialists vs. Relativists 

In my experience there are three types of expat in Vietnam. Those who – let’s call them relativists – think the whole country is wonderful and the people lovable and honest, and that even the bad things can’t be criticised as it’s their culture and we have no right to find fault with it.


Street hassle in Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam’s cities often have the same two complaints: the appalling traffic and the lack of nightlife choices. Vietnam wants tourists for their spending power, but doesn’t exactly go out of its way to make life comfortable for them while they’re here.


Saigon Dailies: Spotted in the Cow


So it's in the backpacker area. So, it's a place myself and a whole host of other people are likely to avoid. So, it's another bar. But I can tell you, my first two visits to the Spotted Cow have been a pleasant change.

Saigon Dailies: Music to my Ears


Just when you think you’ve gotten to know a city, it goes and surprises you. Like most overseas residents living in Saigon, my disillusionment with the music scene had steadily grown to such an extent over the year that I was ready to throw in the towel and consign my life long passion to distant memories collected during my time in England.

Ho Chi Minh City's expat community has always been good for raising funds in the name of a cause. From orphanages through to development foundations, the likes of Loreto Vietnam and Saigon Children's Charity (SCC), many organisations and NGOs have benefited from its help.

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