Illustration by Mads Monsen

Jesse Meadows has gone home to the US for a vacation. Here are what friends, family and acquaintances are asking about her adopted home


As demolition reaches a fever pitch, 12 design proposals show what the heart of the new city might look like. Words by Ed Weinberg. Photos by Francis Xavier

With the metro system due to launch in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018, here are 10 things that need to change to make it work. Words by Nick Ross. Additional reporting by Ian Wills

Circle K on Cong Quynh in Saigon

While in Hanoi they have yet to make an impact, in Saigon convenience stores are everywhere. So, have they changed the way people shop? Or is there something else at play? Words by Nick Ross

Is it reallly the weather in Vietnam that makes people sick?

Dumbfounded by how so many illnesses are diagnosed as symptoms of changing weather in Vietnam, Karen Hewell digs into how and why the reasoning came to be — and why it endures. Photos by Julie Vola

It may have been the end of the summer last month, but Vietnam certainly didn’t pause for breath. Here’s what happened over the 31 days of August

With the popularity of ‘the book’ inVietnam has come immense change

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