The Peranakan Museum in Singapore

The mixed race Asians of the past known as the Straits Chinese or Peranakans were mainly Chinese-Malay. Today’s mixed-race Asians are a bit of everything. Words by Nick Ross. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Chapter 1: Down From the Highlands
For the next 15 issues, Word is proud to present excerpts from Wilfred Burchett’s seminal account of the American War. A close friend of Ho Chi Minh, Burchett was the only westerner to be embedded with the Viet Cong frontlines in the early 1960s. This work was written in 1964

Lucky Numbers

In Vietnam, there is an obsession with lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, bad dates and good dates. Derek Milroy admits he is also bewitched. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

The Last Call

Big, bulky and influenced by Asian design styles, Harmony Necklaces are the work of Dror Lam. Photo by Alexandre Garel

One Too Many

A corpse buried in a garden in Saigon leads to the discovery of three more and the unveiling of a long kept secret. Story by Rob Marsh. Illustration by Richie Fawcett

Bob Sinclar

Rarely do top DJs digress from the standard touring route to take in the humble environs of Vietnam. But one certain French producer and disc-spinner found his way to Ho Chi Minh City in early May. Photos by Alexandre Garel

Dead Heat: The Final Act

Russell Kemp, an ex-captain in the South African Police Service and now a private detective, has teamed up with an ex-detective from the HCMC Police Force named Tran Hai Duong. The two men are on the trail of Gerard Prinsloo, a South African serial killer who is operating in Vietnam. They have finally discovered the location of Prinsloo’s secret hideaway in District 2. They know too that he has gone there with a young Vietnamese woman… By Rob Marsh

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