Photo by Julie Vola

When someone asks a particular person I know about how they came to Vietnam, his response is always the same; by bus.

There’s a famous poster entitled Beer! with the tagline: “Honour your ancestors, they drank it too.”

Photo by Bao Zoan

Carrying two baskets over her shoulder, Van is a mobile street vendor. Vu Ha Kim Vy and Bao Zoan spend a day with this purveyor of banh trang tron

Photo by Nick Ross

Slammed at lunchtime and busy at night, Phan Thi Anh Loan’s café, Banh Mi Bay, is the best known banh mi outlet in London. It also brought the Vietnamese baguette to the UK. Words by Nick Ross

Photo by Trung Del

When a particular type of spring roll exploded on the Hanoi streetfood scene, many people claimed or were claimed to be its inventor. Billy Gray goes in search of the source of pho cuon. Photos by Trung Del

Photo by Julie Vola

No, we’re not talking about a Michelin-five-star chef. No such thing. This kitchen fiend is Raphael Szurek, grand fromage at Hanoi’s JW Marriott. Words and photos by Julie Vola

Photo by Julie Vola

Ever wondered what it's like supplying wine in Vietnam? Billy Gray catches up with Jeremie Courivault, one of the best known faces in the local wine industry. Photos by Julie Vola

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