Dong Ho Village

As we arrive at Dong Ho Village on the southern bank of Duong River, the gentle rain is cooling the heat of a late summer’s day. The streets are quiet, few people are out walking and only the occasional motorbike, loaded with plastic bags of colourful paper products, passes us by.

Ha Dong - Silk Village

Walk around Hanoi’s Old Quarter, especially Hang Gai, and it won’t be long before you’re enticed to enter a shop to peruse the cheap silk products on offer. From table runners to elegant dressing gowns and ao dai, as well as a multitude of scarves of varying quality, there’s something to suit every taste and price point.

Tea Plantation

“You don’t need a guide,” says the heavily made up receptionist. “You can go everywhere by yourself.”

Hang En

Nick Ross and Francis Roux took a grueling, two-day trip to Hang En, the cave of a hundred thousand swallows

Son Doong

Photo by Simon Dunne

A trek to Son Doong is like a trip to the land that time forgot. Words by Nick Ross

Tu Lan

Two river caves 40km from Phong Nha provided Marc Forster-Pert with an adrenalin-fuelled mix of adventure and picture postcard scenery. Photos by Francis Roux

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