Pork Soup for The Soul

From one restaurant space to four, all adjacent, 30 years of steady development now sees Bun Moc Thanh Mai serve over 3,000 customers a day. Words by Tess Somerville, photo by Alexandre Garel

The Bike Guy

From a Vespa export business to road adventures on classic motorbikes, Steve Mueller has evolved his love of the classic Italian scooter into a viable business. Words by Karen Hewell, photos by Alexandre Garel

Kem Nghia

The master nail nipper grinder behind renowned ‘Made in Vietnam’ brand Kem Nghia explains his path from street stall to stock exchange.
Words by Ed Weinberg, translation by Francis Xavier and Kim Chen-Garel, photo by Alexandre Garel

The Pioneers

Should you try and be the first into a market? Or should you enter an already established arena? As Nick Ross discovers there are benefits in both.

A Meaningful Memento

Based in Vinh Long, Viet Artisans produce beautiful, hand-crafted products that reflect the country’s heritage. The project also provides work and support for women from disadvantaged families. Words by Tess Somerville, photos by Mads Monsen

Saigon isn’t known for its ground breaking, original live music. But two new music bars have added momentum to a growing scene

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