The top five events this month in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

An image of the future Saigon Metro System

Work on the Saigon Metro System is in full flow. But not everyone’s jumping for joy.

Vietnam’s suburbs now have a life of their own. But at what cost?

Chapter 1: Down From the Highlands
For the next 15 issues, Word is proud to present excerpts from Wilfred Burchett’s seminal account of the American War. A close friend of Ho Chi Minh, Burchett was the only westerner to be embedded with the Viet Cong frontlines in the early 1960s. This work was written in 1964

It may have been the end of the summer last month, but Vietnam certainly didn’t pause for breath. Here’s what happened over the 31 days of August

With the popularity of ‘the book’ inVietnam has come immense change

The low cost of living and the otherworldliness of Hanoi makes it a haven for writers searching out headspace. Words by Daniel Jenkins

Individual productivity in Vietnam is surprisingly high

School’s out and summer is in full swing. In Saigon the rains are playing havoc with the traffic and blocking up the drains. In Hanoi the city is covered in sweat — move and you get wet.

Dara O Foghlu tries to get himself organised and buys himself a whiteboard. But with organisation comes the word ‘must’, and an even worse word, ‘procrastination’

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