With the popularity of ‘the book’ inVietnam has come immense change

The low cost of living and the otherworldliness of Hanoi makes it a haven for writers searching out headspace. Words by Daniel Jenkins

Individual productivity in Vietnam is surprisingly high

School’s out and summer is in full swing. In Saigon the rains are playing havoc with the traffic and blocking up the drains. In Hanoi the city is covered in sweat — move and you get wet.

Dara O Foghlu tries to get himself organised and buys himself a whiteboard. But with organisation comes the word ‘must’, and an even worse word, ‘procrastination’

There’s a part in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance where a family’s constantly leaking faucet contributes to a tense atmosphere in the house. Whenever something else goes wrong, a glass breaks or some other minor incident occurs, it’s almost too much.

Ignore those outdated guidebooks claiming people don’t tip in Vietnam. As David Mann explains, international travellers are making it the norm

David Mann gives us a crash course in buying an electric bike (excuse the pun). Popular in Hanoi and spreading further afield, are they the answer to a country increasingly struggling with exhaust fumes? Photos by Andy Crompton

Our species has an obsession with categorisation. From plants and animals through to simple and complex ideas, humans like to give everything around them a label, and then fit these labels into groups.

In early 2009 a well-known financial advisor and analyst based in Vietnam told Word that now (or then) was the time to invest. He expounded his reasons, but the key one was that the market was subdued. A subdued market means lower costs — labour, raw materials, rental, real estate and so on. Businesses, he continued, should take advantage of this and invest now while the going was good.

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