A pioneer and a visionary, designer Nguyen Cong Tri is one of the biggest names in the Vietnamese fashion industry

If you’re having a ‘bad Vietnam day’ and think this country’s frustrating, for a bit of reality pie, try going home. It ain’t all that different on the other side. Words by Nick Ross

Erwin Schweisshelm

This month, the Word sat down with Erwin Schweisshelm, resident director of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Vietnam. Celebrating 25 years of operation in Vietnam, FES is a German non-profit organisation committed to the ideas and values of social democracy. Photo by Trung Del

When Vietnam sucks you in, you are a prisoner of one of the most distinctive countries on the planet. So what happens when you want to leave? Words by Nick Ross

With 2016 entering our horizon, Karen Hewell decided to make some changes to her life. Her solution? Hire the services of London-based life coach, Chi Phan

Illustration by Mads Monsen

Jesse Meadows has gone home to the US for a vacation. Here are what friends, family and acquaintances are asking about her adopted home

Sentient mosquitos, foot injuries and bia hoi. Dara O Foghlu has had a fair amount of content published in this fine mag. Here is his latest short story. Been to Bali, anyone?

Burchett with Ho Chi Minh after his first visit to the liberated zones in April, 1964

This piece is the final excerpt from Wilfred Burchett’s seminal account of the American War. A close friend of Ho Chi Minh, Burchett was the only westerner to be embedded with the Viet Cong frontlines in the early 1960s. This work was written in 1964

A recent VnExpress article reported a young teenage Vietnamese girl sending a message to her parents across the internet: “Back off, or I’ll kill myself!” The pressure to succeed is taking its toll. Words by Paul Rowe

Skyping myself into infinity

Intimacy and meaning. Jesse Meadows muses on the wonders of Skype and other communications mediums used to help us keep in touch

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