We at Word have gratuitously waxed lyrical on how to get a girl. We’ve even played cupid with our annual singles issues. But what comes next when you’ve made the match and have to meet the parents? One brave man finds out


Giggles were barely suppressed in tourism industry circles recently when a VNAT spokesman announced that they would soon be marketing Vietnam using new technologies, “especially internet, and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter”.


A couple of years back I was sat in a certain pub with some friends, when a woman who had joined our group started talking about her experiences in telesales back home. “It was disgusting,” she said. “Half of the people I had to speak to spoke no English at all.”

Though it can be frustrating, Michael Arnold finds out that taking the bus in Saigon can enrich both your travelling experience and your wallet at the same time. Photos by Nick Ross

In April we asked you to answer that age-old question: What are your biggest Saigon turn-ons?

Foreigners living in Vietnam do more than just adapt. Many of them go native. Have you? Here are 20 ways of telling

Cooperation and mutual awareness helps create community

Julia Plevin’s only claim to fame is that she is quoted on the Wikipedia entry for “hipster.” Is she a hipster? Are you? Read this to find out

We, at Word, are an equal opportunity publication. So we had to get the other side of the story from a woman’s perspective. While Stephanie Cantrell and Christine Van both agree that though there are many varieties of men out there, it’s still slim pickings

Minh Do always carries his rule book, The Game, by his side and as a self-confessed player who knows the scene, he says there are three kinds of women when it comes to dating in Saigon. So, we gave him a chance to mouth off

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