Latte Safari

Persuaded to do a taste test in one, caffeine-induced sitting, Julian Ajello tried 10 lattes in the space of a few hours to work out which café serves Saigon’s best latte. Photos by Charles Barnes

Found in one of District 7’s busiest roads is Kebab Sai Thanh (76 Lam Van Ben). KST’s menu is short and sweet focusing on chicken kebabs with rice or pita bread, and tasty crepes. Price for the kebab starts at an affordable VND14,000 while crepes come at VND5,000.

A piece of pie...

From pumpkin to pecan and through to Danish apple, Ed Weinberg rounds up the city’s Thanksgiving pie offerings. Photos by Charles Barnes

Italy is always going to remind me of Silvio Berlusconi, football, a certain red capped plumber and of course, the food! In Venice at the age of 12 or so, I was too young to remember how much, or of what I wolfed down in detail, but I do remember the smell of cream and tomatoes cooking, my first glimpse of an entire cured pork leg and the discovery of pistachio ice cream before nearly getting lost in St Mark’s Square. But the spirit of Italy for me will always lie in its warmth, its cuisine and its great hospitality. Looking forward to revisiting those memories, we aimed for Le Loi with our sights firmly set on Casa Italia.

With the online food delivery business booming in Saigon, we decided it was time to get the lowdown from the big players. Derek Milroy chairs a debate with sparks flying as Hungry Panda managing director Raphael Cohen of France, founder Anders Palm (Sweden) and Dutchman Jochem Lisser of VietnamMM fight it out for the right to be called number one. Photo by Francis

After years of speculation and 12 months or so of plying their trade at Vietnam's airports, Burger King have passed through customs to open stores in the big city. We talk to the man at the helm, Tony Cricenti, CEO of franchisee Vietnam Food and Beverages. Interview by Nick Ross. Photo by Charles Barnes

Widely studied, soya benefits the bones, heart, helps prevent cancer and reduces body weight. Good news for those who are on a diet. But enough of the lecture. Where can you find a yummy soya-based treat that’s not all about milk? Let’s face it, when you say soya, the first thing that pops into your mind is soy milk.

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