May Restaurant

You are hit by a real sense of the Indochine when you enter May. But it’s not tainted by the extravagance and blatant glamour that you may discover in other époque-themed Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon. Instead, there is a workmanlike feel to this French-run eatery, a sense of era without all the unnecessary embellishments, something that greets you overtly when you catch the open kitchen as you walk up the stairs.


Rarely has a restaurant gained such popularity with barely a whisper of its presence in the press. But Lucca is such a place.

Chill Skybar

With its immaculately designed interior and breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, Chill Skybar has become one of Saigon’s choicest drinking establishments over its first year-plus. But in the past few months, with a revamped menu, and an expanded upper deck drinking and dining area, Chill has committed itself to bringing the glamour for which its bar is famous to all aspects of the customer dining experience.

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