Padma de Fleur is already known in town, and behind this name is the owner Quynh Anh, who has put her heart and soul into this flower shop. Her ambition has led her to move into a new sphere. Now she’s serving lunch — with style, of course.

Judging by their internet presence, you’d think Salmonoid was the work of an established restaurateur, with years of experience crafting culinary brands. “Homing like a salmon,” says their website; a motto with a more literal interpretation than I’d expected. Because it’s not some flashy commercial enterprise after all, but rather, a family passion project.

Photo by Kyle Phanroy 

Unless you were craving Korean food, there haven’t been many reasons to dine down in District 7. However, in the last few months, a high-quality Italian restaurant has slowly made local converts and is poised to gain wider attention.

A new restaurant in District 3 is offering an alternative dining location for anyone who wants to go French. Words by Owen Salisbury. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

As French chef Didier Corlou leads me through Porte d’Annam, I feel as though I’m on a tour of his childhood home. With one prized possession and anecdotal photograph after the next — 19th-century maps of Hanoi here, cherished paintings of Uncle Ho there — Porte d’Annam’s interior is homey yet grand.

Matsuzakaya’s story is that of a cool Japanese restaurant which stands at a corner in one of the alleys of Le Thanh Ton and perfumes its intense magic all around. This is an original and cosy joint in which to enjoy a seriously good ramen, among other assorted Japanese fare.

Down an alley off Co Giang in District 1, a cosy taqueria sticks out from the neighbouring Vietnamese eateries.

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