Natalia Martinez gets her hands messy in District 4’s Vinh Khanh Street. Fancy some snails anyone? Photos by Kyle Phanroy


Vi Pham goes in search of one of Saigon’s most iconic street dishes, hu tieu. Photos by Kyle Phanroy


A beef noodle dish that comes from the south but is popular in Hanoi? You’re joking, right? Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by Julie Vola

This month, Natalia Martinez ventures away from typical street fare to sample the Vietnamese turn on Thai coconut ice cream. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

As the weather heats up, Huyen Tran offers her favourite summertime treat for your inspection, Hanoi’s best crème caramel. Photos by Harris Spencer

Where can you get the best pho bo in Hanoi? As the old Vietnamese saying goes, ask nine people and you’ll get 10 different opinions. Courtesy of our four judges we went in search of a definitive answer. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by Trung Del, Julie Vola and Nick Ross

Simon Stanley eats his way through the city’s top banh mi joints... and chooses the best. Let the crumbs fall where they may. Photos by Francis Xavier

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