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“From healthy food to German to Mexican?” I said to my editor as he explained my latest assignment. “Surely there should be some sort of connection?”


I mean, the only thing I can see linking Germany to Mexico is the production of VW Bugs — VW Beetles to all you Europeans out there. But otherwise it just doesn’t make sense, all this jumping around. In my opinion there should be an ongoing theme, something to link one article to the next.

Tet Decor Cafe

“The Healing Power is really good. It’s got lots of ginger for the season,” Pete Wilkes says.


You can probably imagine my horror when this month my editor told me that we were going German.


Those craving Middle Eastern food in Hanoi no longer have to settle for a sidewalk doner kebab. At Beirut, an international chain that’s finally found its way to the Vietnamese capital, Lebanese staples like falafel, hummus and moussaka are served in a sophisticated setting. The food is as authentic as it gets in Vietnam, though like everything made with imported ingredients, it doesn’t come cheap.

Milan - Ravioli

Our undercover food reviewer goes to the InterContinental Westlake to find out if their Italian restaurant makes the grade. Photos by Francis Roux

Scott and Binh’s

Scott and Binh’s is one of those restaurants that people travel to for the food. Set in the Bizu Boutique Hotel’s Phu My Hung location (15-17 Cao Trieu Phat, Q7), the 20-minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City’s centre is well worth it for American comfort food they specialise in, especially if you need to take a breather from Asian cuisine.

Jackson's Steakhouse steak

A carnivore’s paradise? Our mystery, undercover reporter checks out one of Hanoi’s best-known steakhouses. Photos by Francis Roux

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