A newly opened restaurant that is already in Trip Advisor’s top 10, we decided check out Amato for ourselves. Here’s what our undercover reporter discovered. Photos by Julie Vola

Veggie omelet. Photo by Charles Von Presley

An upper-echelon vegetarian eatery that has been getting some good plaudits, Hum has become one of the top restaurants in Saigon. So, what did our mystery diner make of the place? Photos by Charles Von Presley


Hideaway restaurants are either the business or a terrible failure. Our undercover reviewer checked out District 2’s MAD House to see which way the wind would blow. Photos by Kyle Phanroy  

On a rainy night in Saigon our mystery diner finds something quite special. Photos by Kyle Phanroy 

One of Tay Ho’s most popular venues gets the nod from our undercover reviewer. Photos by Trung Del

Our undercover critic checks out a Thao Dien institution. Photos by Nick Ross

Our masked gourmand ventures into one Vietnam’s consensus best spots to see what’s up. Photos by Trung Del

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