Cafe-Restaurant. Photo by Francis Xavier

Located close to Ben Thanh Market, this recently opened bistro and café is getting some plaudits. So what does our Mystery Diner say? Photos by Francis Xavier

South American steakhouses seem to be getting rather popular these days. So how well cut out for the beef fest is Rico Steakhouse? Our mystery diner finds out. Photos by Vu Bao Khanh

Aspiring to Michelin-star greatness, R&J is a hotel restaurant that screams bling. So, what does our Mystery Diner think? Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Laid back and unobtrusive, Le Terroir is one of those French restaurants that nestles seamlessly into the Thai Van Lung area of Saigon. So, what does our Mystery Diner think? Photos by Kyle Phanroy

The latest addition to ‘The Strip’ in West Lake, gourmet burger joint Chops is making the juices flow and the tongues wag. So, what does our anonymous restaurant reviewer think? Photos by Julie Vola

A German restaurant that is garnering a following, we sent our undercover reporter to Der Imbiss to see if this recent entry to the Hanoi dining scene could walk the talk. Photos by Trung Del

It’s a new restaurant that’s been getting the chattering classes a-chattering. So what does our mystery diner think of Stoker? Photos by Kyle Phanroy

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