Supersize Me

Forget eating McDonald’s three meals a day for a month. Seamus Butler agreed to do the opposite and dosed up on a diet of Ben Style food for weightlifters and two weeks’ worth of daily workouts at the Sofitel Gym. Here’s what happened. Photos by Francis Xavier


Bun Cha

Oodles and oodles of noodles are the key to truly knowing Vietnam, as Harry Hodge explains. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Alexandre Garel. Additional reporting by Nick Ross

Drink with Compassion

Help those less fortunate. Give back. Be the change you wish to see in the world. We have all heard these chestnuts. Probably some of us have quoted them. They are words with the purpose of sculpting us into better people. It's time to add another to this list on improving humanity — Drink with Compassion.

Rules of Thirst

There’s a man at your wedding table with a slightly manic look on his face. His eyes are fixed on the plate and upturned bowl contraption that he’s shaking in a frenetic ellipse before the fixed, lusty gazes of everyone else at the table. Something is knocking about inside.

Dining with Stars

The nation’s hospitality industry not only stood up and took notice, but was stunned into silence when InterContinental Danang announced at the end of last year it had snapped up Michelin Star chef Michel Roux OBE to front their flagship restaurant La Maison 1888.

Banh Chung

The Tet holiday, and the story of how Austin Nguyen gets so fat in a week. Photos by Francis

The Salsa man

In a small corner of Tan Binh, Derek Milroy discovers a 40-year-old man pondering a real dilemma with his Mexican-American upbringing that revolves around homegrown chillis and the production of salsa. Photo by Mads Monsen

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