Defining Street Food

In the early 1920s, food connoisseur and writer Thach Lam penned the following words about street food in Hanoi: “There is no time in a day that one can’t find street food. Each hour is a different one; eating street food is an art: one has to eat at that right hour and buy it from that right man — that’s a connoisseur.”

Cari Deli

In 2000 a friend took me to my first Vietnamese curry joint. A corner restaurant on Dien Bien Phu, the non-spicy, coconut curry dish was served up with bun noodles.

House of Salvation - Indonesian Food

Before anything else, Van Anh — owner of Ho Chi Minh City's only Indonesian restaurant, House of Salvation — is a musician. She is a multi-talented instrumentalist who has played since she was five years old, and has travelled the world entertaining music lovers.

The Boys of Breakfast - Charlie - Bryon - Christian

It’s one of those things I miss. It’s one of those things I do when I go back to the States, a lot. I eat breakfast.

Sofitel Metropole

Where is the best place to go in Hanoi for that decadent Sunday brunch? Here's some options of the five-star variety.

Banh Mi Boys

A new generation of North American chefs is reinventing Vietnam’s iconic sandwich. Smoked gouda or portobellos, anyone? Words by Elisabeth Rosen

Bun Cha

Can Hanoi’s favourite street food dish be replicated in Saigon? Words by Nick Ross. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

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