Who needs the Olympics in Rio when we’ve got our very own version in Hanoi? Words by Edward Dalton. Photos by Julie Vola

When it comes to good food, each of the team at Word has their little secrets, restaurants or streetfood joints they go to get a certain fix. Here's a selection.

Photo by Theo Lowenstein

Want to save some dong and bring your own? Here are some options. Words by Jesse Meadows. Photos by Theo Lowenstein

Photo by Julie Vola

Forget chicken, beef, fish and shrimp, time to try out all that’s weird and wonderful on the Hanoi cuisine scene. Edward Dalton hits the weird food hotspots in the capital with not a dog or cat in sight. Photos by Julie Vola

24 Hour Cafe. Photo by Francis Xavier

Natalia Martínez went on a hunt for cafés that open the entire night and offer a place to hang out until sunrise. Photos by Francis Xavier

Edible Art. Photo by Julie Vola

Can you create a dish that is a work of art? That’s the challenge we gave to seven chefs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Here’s what they produced. Words by Siân Kavanagh. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Julie Vola

The Best Pizza in Hanoi. Photo by Julie Vola

If there’s a western dish loved in Vietnam as much as it is everywhere else, it’s pizza. The ultimate comfort food, our judges spend two days trekking around the capital to find which restaurants serve up the best pizza in Hanoi. Words by Jesse Meadows and Noey Neumark. Photos by Julie Vola

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