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RESS bar looks like what happens when a group of artists buy a house, chop it in half, and make it into an M.C. Escher painting.

In a city with a rapidly growing number of ‘elevated’ drinking experiences, Liquid proves that you can still deliver something special with the right combination of elements.

If you blink on To Ngoc Van, you might miss The Kneipe, which only has a tiny black-and-white sign and some motorbikes outside letting you know it’s there. It’s that easy to miss.

If you wanted to open a bar and restaurant in Vietnam, what would you do? Go to Cuba? Charles Lecomte and Ruben Fahnestock did exactly that in June this year.

Infamous for fueling the cheap-beer-filled nights of many a Hanoian, Beer 2KU is expanding. Already seven locations deep, the brand’s latest venture sits on prime Quang An real estate, a low-key lakefront oasis sandwiched between the fancier of Tay Ho’s eateries. The first time I passed by, I had to do a double take. Is that an actual pool inside the bar? Yes it is.

Oh, Le Soleil, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. (Okay, I tried to start counting, but all I got was ‘pizza party’ three times). If there ever was a bar strategically set up to host epic underground pizza parties, though, it is you.

Mark Gustafson might be the most popular man in town right now. Everywhere he goes he keeps getting thanked. Thanked for helping bring craft beer to Ho Chi Minh City, thanked for opening up a location in Thao Dien, and thanked for giving an opportunity to new brewers. It’d be sickening if he didn’t deserve it.

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