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Great Thinkers of the Eastern World by Ian P McGreal was first published in 1995 and is still
Mar 06, 2018
A number of our friends and clients are expecting their first baby in early 2018, so I thought
Mar 06, 2018
This month resident counsellor Douglas Holwerda answers a mother's question about her daughter's
Mar 03, 2018
Having the willpower and self-discipline to control your eating even when you emotionally don’t ...
Mar 03, 2018


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Shop Like a Billionaire

As they say, ‘tis the season to be shopping. And with so many gifts possible for those loved ones, where does one begin? Well if you’re a billionaire you cannot just gift any old pair of pyjamas to let the receiver know you are ‘a bit of a big deal’. And with that in mind, here is my list of the most expensive gifts possible for Christmas 2014.

Are You Being Served?

Every Thursday before lunch, classrooms in Hanoi’s United Nations International School (UNIS) fill up with students gathered for ‘service meetings’.

Is the Flu Vaccination only for the Elderly?

October to March is flu season, which means at this time of year people are more susceptible to getting the flu and falling ill, sometimes for up to 12 days. This can be easily prevented by getting the flu vaccination. However, many people wonder if the flu vaccination is only for the elderly. Dr. Brian McNaull from Family Medical Practice answers this question and other commonly asked queries relating to the flu.

Demystifying social enterprises

When I’m asked what I do for a living, I invariably try different approaches to the same answer. People intuit I ‘do good’, or something, but they’re not quite sure how.

Fidelity and Confusion

Douglas Holwerda, American trained and licensed mental health counsellor, answers your questions and offers advice

Book Buff - Countries of the Mind

A lot of readers were probably hoping that Haruki Murakami would win this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature mainly because his output is immediately readable and popular. However the various reviewers at Bookworm are over the moon that this year our favourite author got the nod in Stockholm. At the venerable age of 82, and just after she’d announced that she was retiring from writing, Canadian Alice Munro was the perfect choice.

The Numbers Game

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. When people learn my age, they are surprised at my youthful appearance. I’ve been told so many times that I don’t look my age that I’m reluctant to mention it, not because I’m ashamed of my age but because others have such a hard time believing it.

DNA Plate

Although there are thousands of diet books and millions of people following conventional wisdom advice, we are the most overweight, obese, unhealthy people ever. Even worse, childhood obesity across the modern world is becoming an epidemic.

Red Thread Exhibition

Bui Tien Tuan paints women. In October’s Red Thread exhibition at the Craig Thomas Gallery, they were scantily clothed women. He paints using subdued colours, including — of course — pink, the default ‘feminine’ of the past century. The red is for raunchiness.

Recruitment and Saving Money

Business leaders don’t think twice about engaging an outside expert for legal advice or accounting assistance. Yet they will balk at the cost of engaging an outside recruiter to help them resolve their hiring needs.

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