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Natural Ways to Prevent Migraines

Migraines are a pain to deal with and for those who experience them on a regular basis — life literally becomes a nightmare. Most people resort to taking medication to prevent migraine attacks or to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. However, most preventive migraine medications have potential side effects, so only adults or children with at least one to two attacks per week should take them.

The Roses of February

Soon, Valentine’s Day will come — and with it all the passion, romance and lovingness of the teenage world. These good intentions will be dressed in pink and fluffy hearts, with chocolates and roses going back and forth between boys and girls. Yet as beautiful and marvelous the ‘rose’ of Valentine’s Day may seem, trust me, its thorns hurt just as much. 


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The Therapist - Anxiety

Dear Readers,


This month I will write about a common issue that brings people in to see me. People and their stories are always unique and it is my goal to assist in helping each person find the place within themselves from which life can be lived fully and enjoyably. One of the ways that I do that is to know the mechanisms of particular types of ‘dysfunctions’… depression and anxiety being the two most common. Here, I will focus on anxiety.

Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day when love reigns, at least in principle. More widely associated with chocolates and roses than the saints for whose feast day we are meant to commemorate, Valentine’s Day has become a cash cow for many businesses around the world.

A New Year: A New You?

There are always a lot of articles out at this time of year talking about resolutions and achieving great things in the New Year. Is it just because it’s a ‘new’ year — essentially a day after yesterday, which just happens to show a new number on the calendar? Or is it because people actually want change?

Nguyen Dynasty Exhibition

“The Nguyen rulers strenuously sought to make Neo-Confucianism the foundation of the national culture. Under the Nguyen, traditional Vietnamese culture assumed its final form, the one that would persist into the twentieth century to interact with Western influences.”
— Neil Jamieson in Understanding Vietnam

Sweater Weather

Winter has finally arrived in Hanoi. You might say it’s the gloomiest, most miserable time of year — which is sort of true. You rarely see the sun during the whole three or four months, and it rains nearly every other day. Although it never snows here, there is still a ‘bone-chilling’ element to it.

Cultural Diversity

Douglas Holwerda, American trained and licensed mental health counsellor, answers your questions and offers advice

Your New Year's destiny

At the start of a new year people around the globe use the occasion to create new year’s resolutions. They see this time as a symbolic re-birthing of their hopes and aspirations. There are numerous tips and words of advice on how to successfully attain your resolutions. One that makes a lot of sense is, start small with what it is you would like to achieve.

The Book Club

The month, Bookworm’s Truong runs down the Bookworm Book Club’s books of the year

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