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Does the widespread saying: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” hold any truth?
Jul 17, 2017
With over 40,000 condominiums being launched in 2017 and 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City alone, is
Jul 17, 2017
If I ever get around to writing my Vietnamese novel it will ooze with snippets about food.
Jul 17, 2017
The sticky, humid days of summer are here at last. Vets all over Vietnam are providing important
Jul 17, 2017


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A Reading List for Changemakers

What you need to know before you buy that family a goat

The Therapist - Getting Help

Douglas Holwerda, American trained and licensed mental health counsellor, answers your questions and offers advice

Coconut Oil

You often see aisle upon aisle of beauty products made up of indecipherable, “scientifically-proven to be effective” lists of ingredients with high price tags. It’s at once intimidating and convincing, and a complete turn-off for a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and health nut on a budget like myself. When you add that with the proliferation of questionable, cheap — and often imitation — products that exist without regulation, it only makes sense to make your own products at home. Like my food, I like things to be healthy and safe for the environment, as well as effective.

September Book Buff

This month, Bookworm’s Truong explores the fictional places that books have made real

The Whole Picture

Back in January of this year I wrote an article about the multi-dimensional aspect of human beings. The premise of the article was that we are more than just our physical bodies, and in fact we have multiple energetic bodies or layers that represent multiple aspects of ourselves.

Volunteer Stop-portunities

Margaret Smith feels the urge to help, but where? Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Bad Science: the industry of food

How come there is so much controversy on the subject of nutrition? A labyrinth of conflicting advice has been constructed around the topic with disagreement on many topics from animal based diets vs. plant based, low fat vs. high fat, low carb vs. high carb, unsaturated fat vs. saturated fat, organic vs. conventional, and so on.

Back to School

It has already been seven weeks since summer break started, and now I’m left with just seven more days of this holiday. I have entered the ‘panic stage’ of the holiday as I — along with all the other teenagers in the world — have finally noticed the large pile of summer reading and projects that I had hidden in the corner of my memory. While lamenting the misfortune of the ‘return of school’, somewhere very deep in my heart a small speck of relief and comfort sparkles.

Summer Internship

Summer, just a few years ago, was a time of beaches, islands, palm trees — or, when not taking on any outdoor activities, eating in bed and generally being lazy. It was the time of ‘fun’, a whole two months of the fun and freedom that we yearned for all year. But our lives changed as we passed through middle school, through ninth and tenth grades, and so has our summer. Its ‘fun’ has now dressed itself in a work uniform.

Earning a Living in Vietnam

Despite the decreasing number of ‘expat packages’ and a lower wage differential than in the past, foreigners in Vietnam still earn a higher salary than locals. How is this justified? Words by Siobhan Smith. Illustration by Øyvind Sleivdal

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