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I have been lucky with the street names surrounding my life in Saigon. My elementary school was on
Jun 08, 2018
Modern hand surgery is a miracle. The techniques and procedures I am trained in today involve ...
Jun 08, 2018
For most people, mornings are tough. Hitting the snooze button like a zombie instead of rolling
Jun 08, 2018
At present I’m reveling in the economic prose of a slim volume of five short stories, each of
Jun 08, 2018


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Dear Douglas,

I’m 29 and I’ve been dating a guy for the past four months whose contract is up in July, when he will move back to Canada, where he is from.

I have to admit that it’s been a while since I read, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. To be honest I don’t recall finishing it but I do recall being confused. Was I confused because I didn’t know much about motorcycles or did the book cross my path too early on my journey to ‘zendom’? It was probably a combination of both.

We get a lot of India-philes through our stores, readers who just can’t get enough of the good quality literature about the subcontinent. A lot have been introduced by authors native to India, particularly those that have won Booker Prizes like Midnight’s Children, The God of Small Things, The Inheritance of Loss and The White Tiger. Others have fallen in love between the numerous pages of A Fine Balance or A Suitable Boy. Many more were recently seduced by award winning movies such as Slumdog Millionaire and The Life of Pi.

Art and the Collective in Southeast Asia

The ASEAN Community will officially join hands in 2015. In anticipation of this dropping of economic borders, Southeast Asia’s arts communities have started thinking about what this means for them. 

A World of Good

Here’s the question every charity dreads: “How much of my donation goes on your overheads?” And the answer should be: not enough. There’s a welcome discussion in the industry about the ‘overhead myth’ and while I’ve grumbled about it for years, a shout out to activists (like Dan Pallotta and his ‘equal rights for charities’ manifesto), who are challenging funders about where the money goes.

All The Pretty Horses

It’s the beginning of the Year of the Horse so it seems right and proper to concentrate on that animal as it gallops through great literature. Here are a few of the most notable examples.

Four Habits for Fat Loss

Now that both the Gregorian (International) and Lunar (Tet) New Years have passed, it’s time to take action. The task of achieving better health and fat loss is relatively simple as far as what actions to take. However, the decision to do what is necessary is the challenge because changing habits is notoriously difficult. Our habits are what make us who we are, so change is a mentally difficult proposition.

Natural Ways to Prevent Migraines

Migraines are a pain to deal with and for those who experience them on a regular basis — life literally becomes a nightmare. Most people resort to taking medication to prevent migraine attacks or to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. However, most preventive migraine medications have potential side effects, so only adults or children with at least one to two attacks per week should take them.

The Roses of February

Soon, Valentine’s Day will come — and with it all the passion, romance and lovingness of the teenage world. These good intentions will be dressed in pink and fluffy hearts, with chocolates and roses going back and forth between boys and girls. Yet as beautiful and marvelous the ‘rose’ of Valentine’s Day may seem, trust me, its thorns hurt just as much. 


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The Therapist - Anxiety

Dear Readers,


This month I will write about a common issue that brings people in to see me. People and their stories are always unique and it is my goal to assist in helping each person find the place within themselves from which life can be lived fully and enjoyably. One of the ways that I do that is to know the mechanisms of particular types of ‘dysfunctions’… depression and anxiety being the two most common. Here, I will focus on anxiety.

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