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Great Thinkers of the Eastern World by Ian P McGreal was first published in 1995 and is still
Mar 06, 2018
A number of our friends and clients are expecting their first baby in early 2018, so I thought
Mar 06, 2018
This month resident counsellor Douglas Holwerda answers a mother's question about her daughter's
Mar 03, 2018
Having the willpower and self-discipline to control your eating even when you emotionally don’t ...
Mar 03, 2018


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Bookworm’s Truong takes a look at female writers who have published under male pseudoynms

International Women’s Day is a major day of celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. Vietnam has much to celebrate in its efforts to tackle domestic violence and sexual discrimination. Commemorative days are crucial to raising awareness of situations that affect women and children, like human trafficking.

Did you realise that you have more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body? 100 trillion microorganisms… 10 times more bacteria than the combined number of cells in the human body. With this knowledge you could really say that we are more bacteria than human.

The Field Trip

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The Field Trip - Campfire

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be sitting through the tortuous bus ride to a miserable-yet-still-exciting hotel in Ba Be, or on the bunk bed train to Sapa. If we’re lucky, we’ll even be flying to Hue and Hoi An, to tailor our own clothes and enjoy a place few of us have seen.

It is the beginning of a New (Lunar) Year, which means whether warranted or not we are all more aware of our health and fitness. Gyms and sports shops are the first to capitalize on this shared anxiety, but if you can (briskly) walk past the ‘10 percent off a lifetime membership’ or the pair of trainers that can tell you how far you need to run to burn off the doughnut you’ve just scoffed, there are some alternatives to improve your health.

Dear Douglas,

I’m 29 and I’ve been dating a guy for the past four months whose contract is up in July, when he will move back to Canada, where he is from.

I have to admit that it’s been a while since I read, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. To be honest I don’t recall finishing it but I do recall being confused. Was I confused because I didn’t know much about motorcycles or did the book cross my path too early on my journey to ‘zendom’? It was probably a combination of both.

We get a lot of India-philes through our stores, readers who just can’t get enough of the good quality literature about the subcontinent. A lot have been introduced by authors native to India, particularly those that have won Booker Prizes like Midnight’s Children, The God of Small Things, The Inheritance of Loss and The White Tiger. Others have fallen in love between the numerous pages of A Fine Balance or A Suitable Boy. Many more were recently seduced by award winning movies such as Slumdog Millionaire and The Life of Pi.

Art and the Collective in Southeast Asia

The ASEAN Community will officially join hands in 2015. In anticipation of this dropping of economic borders, Southeast Asia’s arts communities have started thinking about what this means for them. 

A World of Good

Here’s the question every charity dreads: “How much of my donation goes on your overheads?” And the answer should be: not enough. There’s a welcome discussion in the industry about the ‘overhead myth’ and while I’ve grumbled about it for years, a shout out to activists (like Dan Pallotta and his ‘equal rights for charities’ manifesto), who are challenging funders about where the money goes.

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