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Are you trying to improve your fitness, lose body fat and get your body to function better? ...
Mar 22, 2017
Dear Douglas,   Today is Valentine’s Day and I am feeling miserable. My love life is a
Mar 17, 2017
One of the most devastating experiences a physician faces is to see a patient with a condition
Mar 13, 2017
Last month I discussed curtain-wall buildings and their effect on the image of the city, and how
Mar 13, 2017

Word staff writer Owen Salisbury has started to take his fitness seriously: he’s hired a trainer. In the second of a series of columns, Owen learns the value of patience

I’ve been writing these articles for almost three years. It’s now time to see how much you’ve been paying attention.

Fresh thinking on Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the oldest known human diseases; but due to our current lifestyles, food portions and increased sugar in our diet, diabetes will become the biggest killer over the next few years. Its full name (diabetes mellitus) comes from the Greek words for syphon and sugar, and describes the most obvious symptom of uncontrolled diabetes: the passing of large amounts of urine that is sweet because it contains sugar (glucose).

There is a theory that when you laugh, the left and right hemisphere of your brain is actually passing the information back and forth, simply because it won’t fit on either side. If it won’t settle in the mathematical, logical left nor in the artistic and intuitive right, it doesn’t belong anywhere. It’s a new and ludicrous concept that escapes your field of understanding. So you laugh about it.

Invisivle Force

After a 10-year gap, I recently caught up with a friend I’ve known for 30 years. As our conversations shifted from the banal to the philosophical, we realised we were on opposite ends of the spectrum when we broached the topic of God.

November is often celebrated by men who are able to grow swathes of facial hair between lip and nose as Movember. At Bookworm, where a few of our staff are facially hirsute, we will use the month to celebrate female writers who have won, or who deserve to win, literature’s highest award.

Word staff writer Owen Salisbury has started to take his fitness seriously: he’s hired a trainer. Here’s the first in a series of columns where we follow Owen in his attempt get muscles like beachballs

Three Hmong women weave material out of hemp in Ha Giang, the most northerly province of Vietnam. Ask nicely and they’ll sell you the material without the middle man

At this time of year our thoughts turn to holiday gift-giving (ack!). It may be that you’ve got family for whom you’d like to buy something ‘authentic’ or ‘meaningful’. Perhaps it’s client gifts, staff recognition or end-of-the-quarter teambuilding loot you’re after.

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that the end of the year will soon be upon us. The main event, as UFC fight announcer Bruce Buffer might call it, is closing in fast. As I think about the holiday season festivities, madness and socializing I hear Bruce’s distinct voice screaming his catch phrase… “Iiiiiiiiits tiiiiiime!!”

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