Breast-feeding in public has become one of those controversial debates. A recent incident in Claridge’s Hotel in London where a woman was asked to cover up while breast-feeding may have sparked the controversy, with the reach social media has these days.


I believe breasts are natural, I believe feeding your baby is natural, but I don’t believe that breast-feeding in public without covering up is natural. There is a reason we all wear clothes, it’s the same reason we have private cubicles in the bathroom. We’re all doing the same thing in the bathroom, so why do we have stalls, why don’t we just have toilets?


Because we don’t need to see what you’re doing in there, no one wants to see you changing your tampon or pad. Having a baby attached to a nipple does not make a breast innocent, not in this sexualized world we live in.


Blanket Coverage


If it’s not ok to pop out your breast in front of strangers, why is it alright once there is a baby attached? It costs nothing to put a small blanket over your baby and breast and it saves people the discomfort of having to avoid looking in your direction.


Having said all this, while I’m against breast-feeding in public without covering up, I’m 100% for breast-feeding infants exclusively for at least a year, if you’re able to.


But recent studies in the Asian market have shown a dramatic decrease in rates of breastfeeding. Research shows that there have been studies made that claim to prove that powdered milk accelerates the growth of a baby; they are able to walk at an earlier age, talk, read and are smarter than their peers.


So deep is this belief that powdered milk is better for babies than breastfeeding, that stores in Holland started selling only one can of formula per person due to a shortage, which was brought on by the 2008 melanin formula scandal in China where six infants died and 300,000 made seriously ill. This created an increased demand for overseas formula which could not be met, causing a limit on the amount of formula one could buy.




So why has there been such a rise in the demand for powdered milk? It has been said that the formula companies have been aggressively pushing their formulas onto low-paid doctors who are susceptible to an extra bonus and to hospitals who could do with a generous anonymous donation. Nurses are also able to make a commission on each can of formula they sell.


While there are doctors and hospitals who are against the use of formula so early on after giving birth, they cannot compete against these tycoons and massive formula brands in court. These companies can work around the legalities of each country as has been seen in the Philippines and Vietnam.


Another cause of the decline of breast-feeding is the fact that many women are now breadwinners in their homes as much as their husbands, and families need both incomes. Very few women can stay at home and exclusively breast-feed for months. For women and mothers that need to get back to work as soon as possible, powdered milk offers a relief from the duties of breast-feeding.


Contrary to popular belief, a mother’s milk has and always will be the best for your baby. The benefits of breast milk are endless with regards to your child’s health and nutrition.


It also decreases the risk of infant mortality, and boosts the child’s immune system and tolerance to disease and illness. It doesn’t hurt that it also helps mothers get rid of that extra baby weight a lot faster. If you’re able to breastfeed, it may be the best thing you can do for your child in the early stages of their life.


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