• Five Destinations for Liberation Day

    The labor day/liberation day long weekend is upon Vietnam, and for most in the country's major cities, the five-day work hiatus is a good excuse to get out of town. But where to go? The Word editorial team breaks down their favourite travel destinations in Vietnam and southeast Asia that Read More
  • The Slow Train to Lang Son

    Set on the border amidst dramatic limestone karsts, Lang Son is often relegated to the status of border town. It’s anything but. Julie Vola retraces some well-worn train tracks to the outer reaches of northern Vietnam Read More
  • The Cookbook Writer

    One cookbook writer's book launch this weekend comes from a history of peril, pain, and recovery in the form of a creative goal. Read More
  • Seven Days of Exercise

    After indulging in too many festive pleasures, Katie Jacobs decided that it was time to get fit again. For seven cold Hanoi days she tried a different activity — a different day, a different type of exercise. Here’s what’s happened. Photos by David Harris Read More
  • The Other Side of Town

    Too many of us tend to stay in District 1, Saigon South or An Phu. So what else is out there in Ho Chi Minh City? Heather Momyer gives the rundown on five places to visit in District 10. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Francis Xavier Read More
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  • HCMC Doc Talk Presents: We Live in Public +

    Ho Chi Minh City Doc Talk returns with a new installment of documentary film and heated discussion, this time with

    Read More
  • O Dau? in April +

    The O Dau? kids are keeping busy, with another late night affair heading your way this month, packed with indie,

    Read More
  • Shades of Jae +

    In advance of his soon-to-be-released 12-inch, DJ Nic Ford is rocking a two-hour all vinyl set of house and techno

    Read More
  • San Soda Comes to the Observatory +

    San Soda has expanded the meaning of house music to include elements from a wide range of music styles, all

    Read More
  • Dirty Beaches +

    In a joint effort from Saigon Outcast, McSorley’s and O Dau? Montréal-based genre-bender Dirty Beaches is coming to Saigon Outcast

    Read More
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  • Cat of the Month: A.J. +

    Our April cat of the month takes his name from the first bungee jumper, A.J. Hackett. Unfortunately A.J. didn’t have

    Read More
  • The Cookbook Writer +

    A plane crash, loss and a lifelong dream

    Read More
  • The House that Dai Built +

    A jungle in the heart of the city. Photo by David Harris

    Read More
  • Opening the Door +

    Secrecy provides a competitive advantage, but it doesn’t drive the greater good

    Read More
  • The Poet +

    For US Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt, waking up at 7am for a day of work means something much different

    Read More
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  • The Slow Train to Lang Son +

    Set on the border amidst dramatic limestone karsts, Lang Son is often relegated to the status of border town. It’s

    Read More
  • The Group Holiday +

    With careful planning, a random pre-Tet weekend ended up in a trip to the Laneway Festival in Singapore. Ed Weinberg

    Read More
  • Penguins, Seals and an Echidna +

    If you’re travelling to Melbourne, then there’s one excursion not to be missed — Phillip Island. Just two hours south of

    Read More
  • The Bikers’ Guide to the North Thai Switchback Mountains +

    Ed Weinberg — aka ‘Miami Twice’ — hits Thailand’s highest mountain range alongside his six fellow ‘Ratpackers’, in custom-tailored suits, with a

    Read More
  • Villa Song +

    Villa Song Saigon

    Take the Saigon River, put a villa on its edge and then transform it into a boutique hotel. It’s a

    Read More
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Just In

  • Workroom Four Relocates +

    After a period in limbo following the demise of Zone 9, Workroom Four has finally found a space that it

    Read More
  • Lost and Found Hanoi +

    From the viewpoints of five photographers — Matthew Dakin, Nguyen Thanh Hai (Maika Elan), Nguyen The Son, Elizabeth Rush and Aaron

    Read More
  • Exotissimo Relocates +

    Exotissimo World Travel, purveyors of luxury travel tours around the globe, have relocated to a new office in Hoan Kiem.

    Read More
  • Bia Hoi Gets Fancy +

    Tay Ho welcomes a new location for beer lovers in Hanoi, with Backyard Bia Hoi opening in the northern section

    Read More
  • Our Sweet Kitchen Cookbook for Cakes with Flair +

    Soon to release in both English and Vietnamese for global baking enthusiasts, Our Sweet Kitchen Cookbook features the best in

    Read More
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  • The Evolution of Lacquer +

    Xuan Chieu

    Imagine inspecting molten asphalt that has been poured like lava over Pompeii. The March exhibition of lacquer paintings at Tu

    Read More
  • Let the Good News Roll +

    When I was a working journalist it was drummed into our heads that “If it bleeds, it leads.” This means

    Read More
  • Work less, Produce More, Enjoy life +

    It’s early afternoon, you find yourself hunched over the keyboard with your head tilted at a funny angle, a growing

    Read More
  • The Habits of the American Rich +

    Tom Corley is an accountant and financial planner from New Jersey, US. He studies both the rich and the poor

    Read More
  • Student Eye: Holiday +

    Public holidays for third culture teens in Vietnam are special times in their own sense. They are short, irregular and

    Read More
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  • April Promotions +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • April Travel Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • April Food Promos +

    April's food promotions

    Read More
  • Air France Anniversary Fares +

    Air France is celebrating 80 years of providing the most luxurious choice in air travel with exclusive deals and big

    Read More
  • March Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
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